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About this website

A View from the Edge is one of several websites run by writer, bookseller and would-be actor Martin Foreman.

The site is primarily an archive, bringing together much of my writing over the last thirty, particularly my fiction, opinion columns, HIV/AIDS work and gay travel articles. Only the travel columns are periodically updated. A website dedicated to my second collection of short stories is archived at

My energy now mostly goes into the following activities:

Acting: I am spending a year (July 2011 to June 2012) exploring the opportunities to find work as an actor and / or voiceover artist. My acting website is here and my acting blog is here.

Atheism: I spending a few hours a week discussing and promoting reason, morality and sanity through and Facebook.

Bookselling: I run Arbery Books an online business selling rare and secondhand books, magazines and ephemera of gay interest, as well as antiquarian books in general. The website is here.

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