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Fiction - Books

Third House 1990 (reprint 1991) ISBN 1 870188 15 2

novel depicting two days in the life of a gay man in his twenties facing a crisis in his relationship

"absorbing first novel" - Gay Times

A Sense of Loss and other stories
Gay Men's Press 1993 ISBN 0 85449 185 6

fifteen short stories ranging from the reality of gay life in 1990s UK to allegory and fantasy; the title story reveals the voice of Thomas Mann's Tadzio from Death in Venice

"accomplished, literate, dignified" - Times Literary Supplement

The Butterfly's Wing
Gay Men's Press 1996
ISBN 0 85449 223 2

Unauthorised Chinese translation (Taiwan) 1997

Lethe Press (USA) 2009
ISBN 1 59021 129 4

How do you react when your lover is kidnapped by terrorists and held hostage for over a year?

"a powerful piece of fiction ... filled with multidimensional characters, emotion and wonderful descriptions" - Library Journal (US)

First and Fiftieth and other stories
Paradise Press 1993 ISBN 0 9525964 7 4

First person narratives, men and women, young and old, spanning the globe from Rio de Janeiro to Los Angeles, Africa to Nepal, London to Siberia.

"accomplished, literate, dignified" - Times Literary Supplement

Fiction - In Periodicals

My stories have been published in the following and other magazines
Provisional list - to be expanded and detailed

Capital Gay
Christopher Street
Revolt (Sweden)

Fiction - In Anthologies

My stories have been published in the following anthologies
Provisional list - being expanded and detailed

Christopher Street
January 1979 - "In Sickness and in Health"
The Freezer Counter
Oranges and Lemons

Fiction - Digital

Judy available on app


The Benefactor
Unpublished. Three young men in a gay bar meet a stranger who grants them their heart's desire. The Benefactor had a six-week run in Los Angeles in 1995. Read an extract

"transcend[s] the color barrier to attain universality by cogently depicting the joys, doubts, and pains existing in all human relationships" - Los Angeles Village View

Angel: Take This Body
Arbery Publications 2015 ISBN 978 0 9933546 2 5

One-man short (35 min) play. A middle-aged priest welcomes a guest into his home. A rare depiction of conflict between desire and faith, and of the spiritual agony that celibacy imposes.

"four stars" - Broadway Baby "proves exactly why one-man plays retain their place in the dramatic repertory" - Everything Theatre

Now We Are Pope: Frederick Rolfe in Venice
Arbery Publications 2015 ISBN 978 0 9933546 0 1

One-man short (45 min) play. The last day in the life of writer Frederick Rolfe ("Baron Corvo", 1860 - 1913). A moving portrait of a complicated, cantankerous and contradictory man.

"eloquent and insightful . . . wonderfully believable" - Everything Theatre

Tadzio Speaks . . . : Death in Venice Revisited
Arbery Publications 2015 ISBN 978 0 9933546 1 8

One-man short (45 min) play. Decades after the events depicted in Thomas Mann's Death in Venice, Tadzio remembers that fateful summer. What went through the boy's mind when he realised what was happening?

"deeply poetic" - Views from the Gods

Californian Lives
Arbery Publications 2015 ISBN 978 0 9933546 3 2

Two one-man and one one-woman short (35 - 45 mins) plays. A young salesman in a diner tells how he met the woman of his dreams; an older gay man relates how lives were disturbed by the arrival of a young stranger in a quiet bar; a grandmother remembers her first date, the man she married and their live together.

"utterly convincing portraits of love" - Broadway World


Provisional list - to be expanded and detailed. Meanwhile list available here

AIDS and Men
Panos / Zed, 1999 editor and introduction

An overview of the social causes and consequences of male behaviour in the global HIV/AIDS epidemic

Combat AIDS
Healthlink Worldwide / Panos, 2002

Between Men
International HIV/AIDS Alliance, 2003

My articles on HIV/AIDS have appeared in many publications, including AIDSLink, Positive Nation and UNDP Update. Full list to come.

Other Non-Fiction

My articles on a wide range of topics have appeared in many publications, including Gay News, Gay Times, New York Native, The Scotsman and Trailfinders. I have also written for the anthologies Encyclopedia of Men and Masculinities, Gay Travels in the Muslim World and Sex, Drugs and Young People.


Perverts in Paradise
J S Trevisan, Gay Men's Press, 1986 details to come

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