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This section comprises various articles / columns / letters I have written which have appeared online or in print over the last twenty years. As I have grown older I have learnt - although I do not always put that learning into practice - that comments I write in the heat of the moment are not always the comments I would make when time has passed and emotions quieten down. That means I write less often than I once did and I sometimes delete pieces that do not reflect my current thinking. When I delete it is either because I have changed my mind on the subject (for example, politics) or my attitude to the subject has not changed but I no longer wish to comment in the way I once did (for example, religion).

The links below take you to other pages on this site, to pages on other sites that I maintain, or to pages on sites that I have no control over. If a broken link appears, I would appreciate it if you contacted me.
Let us recognise that the root cause of terrorism is not religion or politics but an over-populated world , where too many young people have no meaningful future. As the years pass, populations grow, climate change worsens and resources grow more scarce, we will continue to turn on each other like rats in an overcrowded cage, where politics and religion are the rationale but not the underlying cause of violence.

Whether or not I would have to show my passport on leaving Berwick, independence would make me a foreigner in a country I once called home. Which country that will be, I do not yet know; I wait for Alex Salmond’s pronouncement as to whether I should be considered an alien on Princes Street or Piccadilly.

Independent-minded Scot

What remains is a nasty smell in the air. Firstly it is the smell of hypocrisy, that HuffPo will make use of an individual's valuable capital (her time and intellectual input) to make money for itself, not for her. Secondly, there is the smell of - is it hypocrisy again? I'm not sure - HuffPo offering me choice between censorship (my comment will not be posted) or
invasion of my electronic privacy (my comment will be posted only if I allow it to invade my privacy).

HuffPo hypocrisy

The depiction of love depends on the gradual unfolding of the lovers' characters and of glimpses of the inner beauty and mystery that attracts each to the other. It depends on quiet moments that allow both the individuals on the stage and the audience watching to reflect on what they see. It depends on subtle gestures and expressions that allow us to intuit ideas and emotions without words. At only one point in the play does Chandler understand the value of silence - and it is then
that Sandel briefly reaches into our souls. But the moment is quickly disposed of and the banter returns, reminding us that we are being offered laughter not love, caricatures not portraits, superficiality not depth.

Sandel at the Edinburgh Fringe 2013

Meantime, there's Facebook and Twitter. I'm not a fan of these media, but they have to be used and after several years of FB and one of Twitter I'm still not sure if I am using them to my best ability. They are both theoretically a means of communication, but communication implies a communicator and a communicatee - someone giving out information and someone else receiving and acting on that information. The reality appears to be that there are far more communicators than communicatees, giving the impression that both FB and Tw are gigantic storms of noise where everybody is so busy shouting at each other that they can't hear what anyone else is saying.

Brothers, I thought, seeing a resemblance.

But the family names were different. And unlike the other vaults and sepulchres, this monument had no overarching sign indicating that it belonged to a single family.

Nikolas and Nikos

We are drawn deeper and deeper into the lives of these two young men,

finding ourselves in turn irritated and empathising with each youth’s moodiness. We silently call out to Jonathan to stop sulking – until we understand why he sulks. We are embarrassed by Shane’s aggression – until we understand what drives it. We watch the two of them come together in the wrong way and at the wrong time and wonder how this ménage à trois will end.

Eternal Summer

My usual preference is for short, no longer than knee length and of lightweight fabric.,

On formal occasions I would go for an ankle-length sarong, the equivalent of a woman's evening dress and worn properly it suggesting formality, wealth, intelligence and wit. (I lay claim to about 30% of these properties.)

Men in skirts

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