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    Full Length
        The Satyricon
        Volpone a new version

    One Act
        Casanova Dreaming

    One-Man / Woman
        Angel (m)
        Ben and Joe's (m)
        Los Feliz (m)
        Now We Are Pope (m)
        Sunset (f)
        Tadzio Speaks . . . (m)

    10 minutes
        The Report


Performing Rights


        The Butterfly's Wing

    Short Stories
        First and Fiftieth
        A Sense of Loss





My dear Maria, it is wonderful to see you, but I wish to speak with our host alone.


About what?


About love. It is a madness, a sickness. A man in love cannot see his mistakes

until he is no longer in love. Giacomo, I urge you before it is too late, do not let

your eye be turned by every woman you see. Be loyal to one! Take her far from

Rome or Venice. Buy a farm, an estate, high in the mountains. Have children.

Write. Throw yourself into books. Study nature - there is so much to learn.

Anything. But above all be faithful to your wife; only then will you be happy.


He has his charms but he is still too inexperienced for my tastes. You are wrong

about love, Jacques. It is a game, combat with thrust and parry in the drawing-

room, the ballroom, in bed. It is only a madness if you surrender to it. The

strong can master it. Make your lover your friend and love will last a lifetime. If

your lover is your goddess, you will always suffer. But you are right, I should go.

Must you?


Your guest wishes it. Do not look so sad. We are sure to meet again.

Casanova Dreaming

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