M A R T I N   F O R E M A N

Author / Director / Playwright

"utterly convincing portraits of love " Broadway World

" .. strong piece of theatre" Broadway Baby

"emotionally charged and thought-provoking theatre" The Gay UK

"a masterclass on the art of the monologue" Beige

"words always deeply poetic" Views from the Gods

" .. well acted and craftily staged" britishtheatreguide.info

".. thoroughly enjoyable .. have you laughing" All Edinburgh Theatre

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My work currently available in audio on Podbean. It can also be heard / downloaded on Apple, Google Play, Spotify and Youtube.

Ben and Joe's
In a Los Angeles bar a group of middle-aged gay white men while away their afternoons until their lives are disrupted by the arrival of a young black man.

Ben and Joe's by Martin Foreman
Death on the Lido
Death in Venice revisited as years after that fateful summer Tadzio finally speaks.

Now We Are Pope by Martin Foreman
From Now Until Eternity
After a year apart, a man returns to the woman he loves.

From Now Until Eternity by Martin Foreman
Homophobia, Darling
An out, proud gay man describes homophobia in the workplace.
Contains very strong, sexually explicit language and content may offend some listeners.

Now We Are Pope by Martin Foreman
In the Square
A hot day, a woman alone in a foreign city . . .

In the Square by Martin Foreman
Kitchen Table
A sixteen-year-old, his girlfriend, first sex, fatherhood and a whirlwind of emotions.

Kitchen Table by Martin Foreman
Night Traffic
A young man and his lover on their way from Edinburgh to seek a new life in London.

Night Traffic by Martin Foreman
Now We Are Pope
Cantankerous writer Frederick Rolfe (1860 - 2013) on the last day of his life.

Now We Are Pope by Martin Foreman
A disturbing, haunting tale about the dangers of cigarettes.

Smoke by Martin Foreman
At the end of the day, a grandmother looks back at her life from marriage to the present day.

Sunset by Martin Foreman
Ten Million Years
Love comes in many forms and may last for aeons . . .

Ten Million Years by Martin Foreman



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