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Martin Foreman

playwright & theatre director

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Sometimes you talk. Tell your story if you’ve a mind to. 

Trouble is, memory changes things. 

Things you want to forget. 

Things you want to remember that never happened. 

Happens to everybody. 

Gets so, nobody’s story’s true. 

Not yours, not mine. But it’s all we got.


Next production

10 -13 July, Glasgow and Ayr
two strangers in an anonymous room
Umm Kulthum
by Martin Foreman 

directed by Karen Marquis
one of six short plays from SAST


still to come

5 – 10 August, Edinburgh Fringe
a macabre erotic triangle directed by Robert Wylie
Assistant Director: Martin Foreman 

produced by EGTG

15 – 19 October, Edinburgh
Why did Martin Caplan die?
a tense psychological drama 
Amateur production directed by Martin Foreman
for EGTG  

been and gone

11 -14 April, Halesworth
15 minute comedy in the INK Festival 
How often do couriers come to your door?
Delivery! by Martin Foreman
directed by David Frias-Robles 

12, 13, 20, 21 April, Bielefeld
A modern take on an ancient classic
The Satyricon by Martin Foreman and Gaius Petronius
Student production directed by Eric Eikelmann for
Bielefeld University English Drama Group 

4 April McLaren Hall, Killin 
Adapted and directed by Claire Morand for EGTG  
2nd performance after its successful premiere in Edinburgh Division of the Scottish Community Drama Association One-Act Festival in February 

10 April Edinburgh 
adapted and directed by Martin Foreman
This version of The Merchant of Venice presents a tragedy focusing on Antonio and Bassanio as each confronts the consequences of his actions.
Rehearsed reading: theatre showcase by invitation only


books by Martin Foreman available on Arbery Books