Martin Foreman

Martin Foreman

playwright & theatre director

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Several of these stories were first published in First and Fiftieth.
Click on the picture to listen / download the audio. 

The lives of a group of middle-aged gay white men in Los Angeles are disrupted by the arrival of a young black man.
audio version of one-man play

Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice revisited:
years after that fateful summer Tadzio finally speaks.
audio version of one-man play

after a year apart, a man returns to the woman he loves

an out, proud gay man describes homophobia in the workplace

a hot day, a woman alone in a foreign city

a sixteen-year-old, his girlfriend, fatherhood
and a whirlwind of emotions.

a young man and his lover on their way to a new life in London

writer Frederick Rolfe (“Baron Corvo”, 1860-1913)
the last day of his life: audio version of one-man play

a bar, a group of friends and a packet of cigarettes

a life remembered at the end of the day
written by Martin Foreman, read by Maggie Macleod
audio version of one-woman play

love may last for aeons

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